Highly effective natural, organic hemp derived CBD supplement for optimum health & well being in all horses & ponies. Packed with naturally occurring vitamins & minerals and the purest source of amino acids (protein) required for muscle health in working horses. Gives outstanding coat shine & a wonderful sense of wellness in all equines. Suitable for long term use.

Directions For Use; Introduce gradually to existing feed rations. Dampen feed for fussy eaters. Guide is for maintenance, increase to target specific problems or if, after time required results have not been achieved.

Size Measure Scoops Times Daily Total  
Ponies 5g 1 2 10g  
Cobs 7.5g 1.5 2 15g  
Horses 10g 2 2 20g  

Note; Consult a veterinarian before feeding to pregnant or lactating mares. Equisolv is not intended to replace sound veterinary advise. Observe 5 - 7 days withdrawals for horses likely to undergo testing.