Equisolv Premium Equine CBD is the product of two passionate entities coming together to develop an outstanding supplement aimed at delivering numerous health benefits and alternative therapeutic solutions to horse health concerns. We are proud to bring Equisolv Premium Equine CBD Powder to owners who are serious about their horse’s comfort & well-being and we hope to add additional exciting products to this range in the future.

Dawn Ward, founder of Elevation Equestrian has been instrumental in the development of Equisolv alongside the phenomenal team at Remedy Health Ltd who are existing manufacturers of natural, organic CBD products. The opportunity to collaborate on a quality, highly beneficial equine health supplement was taken and the outcome is a product that we are all extremely proud to stand over. 

 Everything about Equisolv is 100% Irish, the hemp we use is grown and harvested in Co. Wicklow and the processing is completed in our facility in Youghal Co. Cork. Read more about Remedy Health  and take a look at the full range of our exciting cannabidiol based products by visiting our website Remedy Health

All of our products are 100% natural, contain no THC and are independently tested for quality and quantity of CBD. Equisolv Premium Equine CBD is not a replacement for sound veterinary advice but is a powerful natural aid to assisting horses in the recovery of illnesses and injuries, for those requiring relaxation and for when an additional nutritional boost is required.

Equisolv will be made available through a number of select outlets where our attention to quality can be assured.